About, Contact, and FAQs


Stitched by Anna is dedicated to making adorable and unique custom college gear at great prices! Every piece of custom college apparel is handmade just for you! Each item is completely transformed to fit your style. You can pick your school, opt for a certain color, add acid wash, and customize your length to maximize your person touch on each item. 

As for me, I'm currently a student at Hunter College in NYC, with dreams of transferring to a school for fashion design to pursue my passions. 



Need to reach us? No problem!

Email: shopstitchedbyanna@gmail.com

Phone: (914) 230-0684

Instagram: @stitchedbyanna



When should I expect my shirt?

Please allow up to three weeks for apparel to be shipped as every item is made custom for you! Often times it will be shipped much quicker! 

What's the difference between the three acid washes?

From left to right: wash, spiral, and splatter!

Acid Wash Acid Spiral Acid Splatter

What's the difference between a hemmed crop and a raw crop?

A hemmed crop is a finished look and looks like the shirt was originally made at that length. A raw crop looks as if it were cut and may curl up a little. Both are super cute!

Return Policy

Because the apparel is custom made, Stitched by Anna does not allow refunds. 
However, if there is a problem, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!