My Story

Welcome to Stitched by Anna!

I've always had a passion for fashion. In high school, I found that there was a giant hole in the fashion community - cute, affordable college and tailgate apparel were missing. The only items available for college students were boring and basic t-shirts. How could I create trendy clothes for a market where nothing was available?
The goal of Stitched by Anna is to make customizable, fashionable college apparel. That's why we offer tons of options when your creating your item. You can pick your school and exactly what you want the item to say, choose a color, add acid wash, and decide your length and finish on nearly every item. Every item is made to reflect your style!
As for me, I'm currently a student at Hunter College in NYC, with dreams of pursuing a fashion career and transferring to a school of design. Nothing makes me happier than creating designs and seeing people rock their Stitched by Anna apparel with their own style.